bringing the beauty from within
bringing the beauty from within
Pensida Age-Defying Formula

Pensida Age-Defying Formula

Pensida Age-Defying Formula is a unique application that safely and effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face that usually result from damage caused by exposure to the sun. Pensida Age-Defying Formula has been developed as a once-a-day topical application to combat all the signs of facial aging including dull uneven tone, wrinkles, dryness, and thinning skin.

Key ingredients of Pensida Age-Defying Formula:

  • Matrixyl 3000: It promotes growth of Collagen, Fibronectin and Hyaluronic Acid, in the skin and helps it to boost the growth of fresh and young-looking skin.
  • Chromabright: It is known to protect the skin from the damaging effects of exposure to UV rays of the sun and can help keep the skin looking lighter.
  • RonaCare Cyclopeptide-5: It can help smooth wrinkles and improve the elasticity of the skin as it is a highly effective peptide which helps the process of skin repair.

How Pensida Age-Defying Formula helps reduce the signs of aging and offers protection against the UV rays of the sun:

  • Removes free radicals and reduces oxidative stress
  • Microcirculation of the skin improves
  • Stronger barrier function prevents loss of moisture from skin
  • Improved dermal structure makes skin smoother
  • Turnover of cells increases
  • Skin tone improves markedly
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