bringing the beauty from within
bringing the beauty from within

Our Story

Pensida was established with the intention of providing the best-quality treatment options for people suffering from skin conditions like skin redness, signs of aging, and cellulite. Our products are gaining in popularity because they provide quick relief from the common symptoms associated with these conditions.

The unavailability of a good, promising treatment for these skin conditions made three medical professionals take a closer look at the problem in the hope that they could possibly come up with a solution—one that’s radically different from what’s already available for skin related problem on the market today.

Pensida is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to common skin conditions that affect many women and a significant number of men too. The company has on-board three of the leading medical professionals in the US, all of them are known for their pioneering work and immense contributions in their respective areas of expertise.

Helen Cappuccino, MD, FACS, has decades of experience in private general surgery. She is a board-certified surgeon who loves to stay updated on the latest developments in her area of specialization—breast cancer and benign breast disease—as well as other areas of general medicine. She has written chapters in surgical textbooks, and her work has been published in many scientific journals. Helen Cappuccino has made key contributions to the development of our range of skin-care products, especially in research.

Andrew Cappuccino is an orthopedic surgeon of repute and has made headlines with his use of the induced hypothermia technique. This dual BES degree holder from Johns Hopkins University in Material Science and Biometrical Engineering teaches spine surgery techniques at various institutes across the globe. Andrew Cappuccino has served with the Buffalo Bills for many years on the medical staff. He is a key member of the medical team at Pensida and provides invaluable guidance in various areas of research. He is married to Helen Cappuccino.

Guy Cappuccino is a plastic surgeon of unsurpassed expertise. He has more than six years of experience in providing cosmetic and aesthetic medical services. Dr. Cappuccino is an important member of our expert team at Pensida. He brings his immense expertise in cosmetology to the company. The doctor’s background in biochemistry and matchless expertise in the area of cellulite treatments have helped Pensida develop the most powerful and effective anti-cellulite topical solution.

The company is proud of the fact that it has successfully developed skin-care products that will help women and men get immediate and long-term relief without having to suffer the more expensive and painful options of laser treatment or plastic surgery.