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bringing the beauty from within



Are there any specific precautions I must take while using Pensida?
Pensida has been proven safe for use. However, it is recommended that you maintain an active lifestyle and combine it with a balanced diet. Regular exercise can also help in maintaining the general health of your skin.
Are there any known side effects associated with Pensida?
There are no known instances of Pensida having caused any type of side effects – either short- or long-term. Though it is extremely unlikely, but in the rare event that you develop an adverse reaction, please consult your physician at the earliest.
How long will it take to see results after I start using Pensida?
It depends on various factors and the severity of the condition of the individual. With continued use, results will start showing up within a few weeks. There will be a visible improvement in the appearance of lumpy and uneven skin in most customers, just a few weeks after using Pensida. Pensida works by attacking cellulite far beneath the surface of the skin. It provides valuable nutrients to the skin to help restore smoothness and softness on the surface. The process may take time depending on the health of the individual and diligence of use.
How long will a supply of Pensida last?
For an average user of Pensida, each pack will last for a month when you use it once daily. Individuals who use Pensida more than once every day may require additional supply. Pensida can be ordered by calling our sales department or by ordering online.
Has there been any research or testing regarding Pensida?
Pensida is a dermatologist-tested product. The smoothness index of the skin surface (SA) was measured using the Antera 3D system before and after treatment with PENSIDA anti-cellulite cream. Participants saw a visible improvement in the smoothness of their skin to the tune of 5% to 45% after three months of usage.
Can I skip buying for a month?
Yes, it is possible for you to skip buying Pensida for a month for any reason. Visit our Customer Self Service Center, call our toll-free customer service number, or email us for fastest service.
How do I place an order for Pensida?
Ordering of Pensida is easy and convenient. Just visit our website or call us.
How soon will you ship my order?
We generally ship your order of Pensida within 2 business days after the date on which the order was placed.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Standard Delivery will arrive within 4-10 business days. Please allow 2-3 weeks for international shipments.
What do you charge for shipping and processing?
Shipping and processing fees for Pensida are indicated at checkout, with an additional charge for rush orders.
Do you ship Pensida internationally?
Yes, we do, but please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Will I be charged sales tax?
Local and state sales tax may apply according to the state to which Pensida is shipped.
What name will show up on my credit card statement?
The name that will show up on your credit card statement will be Pensida.
What is your refund policy?

We have a simple and customer-friendly return policy which will ensure that you will have no trouble in returning our product in the rare instance when you need to do so. We are confident that you will enjoy the results delivered by Pensida and hence, we are offering you a 30-Day guarantee on the product.

If you're not completely satisfied with the performance of the product, you just have to call our customer service within 30 days of receipt of the shipment and ask for Return Docket Number. You can return Pensida by following the instructions available on the website, within two weeks of purchase, even if you have used a major portion of the product. This will ensure that you won’t have to make further payments. Our system will also ensure that any future shipments are cancelled. You may be responsible for return postage depending on the plan you have chosen. Given below is our policy for refund under various conditions:

For Damaged Products:

  • Product/s damaged during shipping will be promptly replaced free of charge. Keep the package and the content intact and contact our Customer Service to provide details of the damage and request for a return number.

Shipping and Delivery Errors:

  • Please contact Customer Service with details of the shipping or delivery error so that the same can be set right immediately.
  • Ensure that the return back certified receipt is sent to us.
  • We will issue refunds to the same credit or debit card which was charged during the purchase.
  • Make sure you send the product to the address given with the Return Number for prompt processing.
How do I return Pensida?

If you are not fully satisfied with the results after using Pensida, you can call our customer service and ask for a Return Number. You can return Pensida within 30 days of receiving the shipment from us. We will ensure that further payments are not deducted from your card. You will receive a refund after deduction of the shipping and processing fee. Our system will automatically cancel all future shipments.

The following terms and conditions are applicable when you return Pensida:

  • You will have to send us the certified receipt.
  • Refunds will be made to the credit card to which they were charged when you bought the product.
How long will it take to process a return?
It takes a minimum of five working days for us to process your return from the time our warehouse receives the package. However, the time taken for the refund to reflect in your account may vary since it would depend on the processes your bank follows to post the refund to your account. Please be patient for a few weeks as it generally takes some time for the refund to reflect in your statement.
Payment Methods:
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.